1. Make sure you photograph your artwork straight on, not angled.

  2. Don’t photograph in direct sunlight, it may make the colours looked washed-out.

  3. Check the contrast and colours are as good as they can be with a photo-editing programme like Photoshop.

  4. Make sure the images are at least 2mb in size to make full use of our ‘Zoom’ feature, which allows everyone to see your artwork in good detail.

  5. If you have a glazed picture, try photographing it through a blackout screen to reduce the glass’s reflection.

  6. Check the final picture is sharp when in full size and not blurred (N.b.: images can look sharp when small but aren’t in full size)

  7. You can add multiple images, so remember to add both a full size framed image and one without the frame, so a buyer can see it’s potential with a different frame.