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'Freedom and pride. Promotion before the New Year' - by Severin Titovich Kiyan

Painting - Oil


Delivery: £300.00

This is an artist's new piece of artwork

Width: 750 mm 
Height: 650 mm 
Depth: 30 mm 

Seller: EvgeneArt
Location: Kharkov, Ukraine

Paintings Severin Titovich Kiyan presented for the first time , the uniqueness of these enigmatic objects of art , like the mystery of the artist's personality is difficult to overestimate. In the process of updating his biography revealed that the majority of archival documents destroyed , scattered data were formed into a single picture possible thanks to the testimony of his fellow villagers . Severin was born in the village . Kamenka Cherkassy region around 1910 . Being self-taught , he began to write at the end of 1930 - s , but the paintings of the early period have survived. During the war, the artist forced to flee their hobbies . In the early 60 - Severin from Kiev as a dissident was persecuted and forced to leave the country. He went to Italy, where he studies and works for several years. On the Rights of the journeymen and masters painting techniques . In Italy, the artist writes from memory Ukrainian landscapes.

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