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'Tangram' - by Gary Wragg

Abstract - Acrylic

Acrylic, pastel and pencil on Paper. Gary Wragg is a painter, draughtsman and teacher. His ongoing explorations and contributions to painting of the late twentieth and twenty-first centuries wrestle with the dynamics of bodily energy in relation to abstraction and figuration. Stemming from the vocabulary of European, American and Oriental painting, Wragg’s art is active in reinventing the life of mark-making’s tactility, colour and the optical/physical presence. In the remote and temporal imagery of the Internet age, he puts emphasis on the feeling and passion of the ‘here and now’ of of painting regardless of trends rife in art. Wragg lives and works in London


Delivery: £100.00
Width: 405 mm 
Height: 510 mm 

Location: Hampshire, United Kingdom

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