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'Bears in the mountian forest' - by Severin Titovich Kiyan

Painting - Oil

Background of the original - At first glance at the picture, it appears that she is alive. So write an art canvas only a painter, subtly feeling the living nature. The picture betrays to us feelings and emotions, frolicking in the morning, cubs. It seems like it's not at all wild forest animals, and small pets went out to play in the clearing. In the foreground of his work Shishkin painted small bears. Two of them have already scrambled to the fallen tree, the third bear cub tries to join them. The last bear likes solitude. He stepped aside from his brothers and looked away. In the background of the picture, the artist painted a forest and a fog falling to the ground. It seems that these are not ordinary trees, but magical living things. At some point the picture begins to look fabulous.


Delivery: £100.00

This is an artist's new piece of artwork
Width: 650 mm 
Height: 845 mm 
Depth: 30 mm 

Seller: EvgeneArt
Location: Kharkov, Ukraine

Provenance - ArtRehome provenance rating not applied for