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'Mark Grieves 'Harmony' ' - by Mark Grieves

Abstract - Oil

One of the works by Grieves from his musical series in February 2008. The piece comes with its certificate of authenticity and is already mounted in a black and gold frame. This is number 132/150 limited edition prints and is signed by the artist. His method of working is different from the traditional approach. Normally artist would work from light to dark but he finds it natural to work in reverse from dark to light. Working exclusively in oils, Mark Grieves always starts with a completely black canvas and add highlights until he finds the balance in contrast. Mark Grieves works hard at composition and at the geometry emphasising light and shadow. He also likes titles to give clues: there is always a strong sense of narrative. RRP. 1500 International postage will need to be discussed as a price will need to be established.


Delivery: £100.00
Width: 32 mm 
Height: 20 mm 

Location: County Armagh, United Kingdom

Provenance - ArtRehome provenance rating not applied for