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'SUNFLOWER' - by Didit Affandi

Painting - Oil

Selling my collection of painting because im moving to a new house. This painting was made by none other than Mr Didit Affandi from Indonesia (you can see his name in the picture and you can search Didit Affandi in google if you still doubting me), the grandson of Mr Affandi Kusuma. Both Affandi and his grandson Mr Didit are very talented and they both are very famous person in the world of painting. this painting came from Musseum Affandi, the painter Affandi designed and constructed a home for himself, which also functions as a museum to display his paintings. for international shipping, i will use the EMS service from PosIndonesia that takes around 3-6 days to arrive.


Delivery: £151.00
Width: 750 mm 
Height: 590 mm 
Depth: 30 mm 

Location: yogyakarta, Indonesia

Provenance - ArtRehome provenance rating not applied for