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'Space Rubbish' - by Carol Preston

Abstract - Acrylic

Abstract image constructed from photos I took of a heap of rubbish, fly-tipped on waste ground used as a car park. For a couple of years I made a collection of photos of rubbish and digitally developed them to form abstract pictures. This one, listed shows the arrangement as I found it; the spiky bits are blades of grass. All aspects of my images are my own I do not use any commercial textures etc. I thought the image looked like a Space Craft, hence the title. It is printed on an Acrylic Panel with hanger attached.


Delivery: £10.00

This is an artist's new piece of artwork
Width: 300 mm 
Height: 300 mm 
Depth: 50 mm 

Seller: Carol Preston
Location: Devon, United Kingdom

Provenance - ArtRehome provenance rating not applied for