Re-selling art - made simple!

A one stop shop for artists, buyers and sellers.

Art rarely stays in one place. When the time comes for previously owned works of art to be re-sold, the process can be complex and off-putting for the inexperienced.

ArtRehome is the new solution for selling pre-owned art. Simple, quick and easy to use; and registration is free for artists, buyers and sellers.


When registered you can...

* Keep track: a personalised email is sent to you each time your artwork is uploaded by anyone - keeping you in touch with who is buying/selling your work

* Receive a royalty fee - each time your art is re-sold**

* Receive a fee each time you're asked to contribute to ArtRehome's Provenance Rating System

* Benefit from ArtRehome's gallery service - collect ArtRehome tokens (ARTs) each time you introduce a friend to ArtRehome and sell your new work commission-free using the ARTs

* Free registration


* A safe and secure environment to explore and buy pre-owned art

* Benefit from professional valuations and our unique Provenance Rating System to aid buying & selling with confidence

* Free registration


* A quick and easy way to get your artwork back on the market

* Dealers/Galleries can earn a fee each time they’re asked to contribute to ArtRehome's Provenance Rating System

* Low cost service giving you access to lost or absent provenance for your artwork

* Free registration

** If registered with the ACS or DACS, you can collect a royalty from them for artwork sold by a dealer or gallery for over €1000 on ArtRehome.