Veera Zukova
Pohjois-pohjanmaa, Finland

I have been painting since I was 2-3 years old, I love to paint with colors, experimenting with graphics. My name is Veera, I was born in Russia, Sredneuralsk in 1984. I also studied in art school, music school and gymnasium. At the moment I am living with my husband in Oulu. I paint with acrylic, gouache, watercolours and markers. Usually I paint with brushes, but sometimes I use hands. My favourite art style is expressionism. My favourite artist is Claude Monet. I have seen his works in Louvre, France - and they absolutely broke my heart. I paint only if I feel great inspiration. Usually inspiration lasts for a couple of months, then I do not feel like painting and I have about a one year break. But still painting is a must for me. That is why I always have my colours ready in case inspiration will come (one never knows when it will). When I paint I usually put on some music and then I go into some kind of trance, very high feelings. I feel myself on the seventh cloud, this feeling of creating is undescribable. You can feel this feeling when you do something you love a lot. My portfolio:

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