About Us

Mark David Hatwood FRSA, founder of ArtRehome, had heard so many browsers in his own art gallery say, “I’d love to buy your lovely artwork, but I just don’t have any wall-space left,” or, “I’ve inherited this piece of art, would you sell it for me?”, so he decided to do something about it.

Up to now, selling pre-loved artwork has been difficult at best. The options are either online on an auction website (which is hardly safe, and who goes there for fine art anyway?) or at a traditional auction house, where it could sell for a fraction of its worth, can cost hefty commissions and, to be honest, it’s quite time-consuming to take work there and pick up of it doesn’t sell.

ArtRehome isn’t just a safe, online platform for selling pre-loved art; it’s here to support the art industry by creating a flow for art… worldwide, giving those that want to buy artwork, a safe and reliable platform to do it in.

ArtRehome’s truly unique Provenance Rating System (PRS) has been designed to help sellers and buyers trade with confidence. The actual artist, and/or their galleries, can provenance rate a seller’s work for them for a small fee, so both buyers and sellers can be assured of its authenticity.

So why not sign up now…? You’re just one click away from buying or selling some stunning pieces. And who knows, you may even pick up a bargain to start or enhance your own art collection, or make space on your walls for some new works of art!