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Athena and Greeks

Mythology, the secret code of ancient thought. The artist is particularly fond of Mythology, which is why he wanted to capture in paint this amazing adventure of the spirit. The transcendental dimension which sets its mark on every deed, on every move of the gods and heroes and the timeless fascination they exert have prompted him to devote a series of works to this vast theme. From time to time, he returns to it from a different optical angle, to paint something more, out of that hermetically sealed code, which has come down to us fromages beyond memory.

Todas Las Luces Del Dia

Set of 1 - 4 Prints Signed by Jose Royo Limited Edition No 37 of 45 Hand Embellished Limited Edition Serigraph Image Size 36cm x 36cm Framed Matching number set, vary rare.

White Rose Pergola

This is an early work by Mariusz Kaldowski. A beautiful acrylic. Signed and dated.

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